The Princess Grace Foundation-USA anticipates that the normal course of your artistic career will include staging new work, creating new films, choreographing new pieces, etc., and it considers these projects part of your natural artistic development. In contrast, the Special Project Grant supports projects that challenge and nurture your artistic growth. The Foundation looks to fund projects that offer unique and consequential opportunities at a critical juncture in an artist’s career.
Key Criteria:

  • Princess Grace Award winners and Honorarium recipients may apply.
  • Grants must be applied to projects occurring between September 1, 2024 – August 31, 2025.
  • Grant requests should reflect accurately calculated expenses related to the proposed project during the grant period.
  • PGF-USA welcomes applicants to reapply with projects that were not funded in the previous year. Note, that generally, PGF-USA has found that repeat applications are only competitive when the project has continued to grow or evolve in a significant way between submissions. Applicants who plan to resubmit a project are encouraged to request feedback. Any feedback requests should be made before March 31, 2024, to provide adequate time for PGF-USA staff to respond.
  • Award winners and honoraria can receive 2 annually granted Advancement grants (Special Projects, Works in Progress, CMCC) within a 5 year time period. This does not include your initial Award or Statue Award and does not include Professional Development grants, including the Flaherty Seminar for filmmakers. This new guideline was implemented in 2021, and does not apply to annual grant funding prior to 2021.

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